Creating a 21st Century Map


Every road you travel is a seemingly endless stream of data—speed limits, junctions, exits, nearby businesses, these are among the essential pieces of information that continue to evolve over time. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, your Infiniti navigation system is equipped with a digital map from HERE, a global leader in navigation, mapping, and location experiences.

HERE deploys a fleet of mapping vehicles that travel the world collecting and updating road data. Each mapping vehicle is equipped with high-accuracy GPS, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging for 3D representations), a 24-megapixel camera, and an inertial measurement unit. HERE implements 2.7 million changes (additions/modifications/deletions) to the global road network each day. This data directly impacts routing accuracy, proximity searches, and distance calculation.

But data collection is only the first step in providing a premium navigation experience. HERE is bringing new functionality to select Infiniti map updates such as advanced lane guidance (directs the driver to the appropriate lane when approaching junctions), text-to-speech and voice recognition (for a more natural interaction with your navigation system), and the use of speed limit data to improve routing accuracy and estimated arrival times.

Update your Infiniti navigation system map today and enjoy the improved accuracy and functionality that is driven by HERE innovation.

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