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How does the navigation system work?
The Navigation System receives signals from Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites and sophisticated vehicle sensors. A powerful computer then analyzes this data to pinpoint precisely the vehicle's location.

In addition, the navigation system's DVD contains an immense database of maps, plus millions of points of special interest (POI).


Can I play DVD movies or audio CDs with my navigation system?
No. Your navigational system was designed to provide navigational assistance only.


What map coverage does my navigation system provide?
The navigation system map coverage in the following Infiniti vehicles includes the 48 contiguous United States and Canada.  Note: If your vehicle model was not listed below, or manufactured after the model year listed above, your navigation system map coverage includes the 48 contiguous United States, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii:

I35 2002-2004
I30 2000-2001
EX 2008-2013
QX50 2014
FX 2003-2013
QX70 2014
G Coupe 2003-2013
Q60 2014
G Sedan 2003-2013
Q50 2014
G Convertible 2009-2013
M 2003-2004, 2006-2013
Q70 2014
QX4 2001-2003
Q45 2000-2005
QX 2004-2013
QX80 2014
JX 2013

Can my navigation system provide coverage for Alaska or Hawaii?

Please refer to the answer above from question #3 for coverage specifics.


Can my navigation system provide coverage for Canada or Mexico?

Coverage for Mexico is not provided by the system; however coverage for Canada (including all major metropolitan cities and interconnecting roads) is provided on all Infiniti models.


Why do I need to buy a new map update?
In your neighborhood and around the world, roads, streets and highways are constantly changing. Regular map updates include critical, fresh details about the road network. With a new map update you can know that you have the latest information available for your GPS navigation system, providing you with more-accurate routing and a more enjoyable navigation experience.


When will the next update be available?
Map updates are usually released in the fall of each year. For the latest news on release dates, please consult with your Infiniti Retailer, or check back on the web site.


How can I tell which navigation system CD/DVD version I am currently using?
The map version for CD and DVD updates is located on the CD/DVD inside your navigation system unit. To obtain this number, carefully remove the CD/DVD, and note the version number (Ver: xx.xx map) near the bottom of the CD/DVD label.  The map version for HDD updates is available from the navigation system unit menu.  The version number is formatted as xx.xx map.


What is the price of a new or replacement map update?
The price of your new or replacement map update varies depending upon which product you need. Available map updates are currently priced at $149 and $179 (excluding shipping and taxes). Please check your map updates product page for specific pricing information.


When will my order ship?
Orders placed by 11:30 a.m. Pacific Standard Time will be processed and shipped that same day. Delivery time depends upon the shipping method you select.


What are the shipping and handling charges?
Shipping and handling charges are calculated during the checkout process and are dependent upon your choice of delivery service.


How can I return a map that I have purchased?
For information on how to return a map, please review the Terms & Conditions of purchase.


Where is the disc drive located in my vehicle?
For information on where your disc drive is located, please review the disc drive location reference document.


My map does not contain a road that I know exists. How can I report this?
Please report errors online at


If I have a problem with my navigation system, where should I have it repaired?
All repairs should be performed by an authorized Infiniti Retailer.


I purchased an activation code, but I've lost the e-mail that contained it. Can my activation code be retrieved?
Yes, please call 1-800-777-0325.





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